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    Casio Mod. 2315 Battery Replacement

    I have an inexpensive Casio with a dead battery. It has been a workhorse and was givien to me as a gift by my son, so for sentimental reasons I would like to keep it going. Don't want to go near the Mall today to get it replaced (Christmas mad-house), but I can buy a battery locally.
    Two questions; 1) How do I remove the little clip that is over the battery and; 2) I am supposed to contact AC with Battery+ with tweezers. Where's the AC?

    Thanks in adavance for your help.

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    Re: Casio Mod. 2315 Battery Replacement

    For those who still struggling with battery replacement for Casio 2315, open the watch back case by unscrewing it. But be careful to keep the watch stable, while doing this, as there are a few loose springs , both spiral and leaf type which are holding the movement, from shock, inside any will definitely pop out. Once safely opened the case, you can see the CR2016 battery, held by a metal strap, removing the strap is tricky, I took me a few days to figure out, lift out the broader side of the strap with tweezers (just the opposite of what the instructions says), it would pop out easily,again be careful not to loose it, as the strap have a spring action, to keep it tight. Pop out the old battery out carefully, taDaaaa..!!! , you know rest .... Pop out old battery, put new one, put back the strap.

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