Hello everyone,

A couple of months ago while abroad in Germany my father bought two new Cerruti Vivalto watches (one of them was a gift for me). Both of the watches worked perfectly out of the box for about two to three months. Then one by one they started to malfunction. At first the watches would just lose time, running a couple of minutes late every hour when not worn. Than they stopped working completely when not worn. But when I put one of the watches on my arm they start to work normally after about a minute or so. I figured out that it only works on my arm because of my body temperature. When I go outside (5-10 C) it stops working or works, stops, works again etc. When I take the watch off and put it on my desk it stops working (even at room temperature of cca. 20-22 C). If I warm it up a little with my hands or a hair dryer it starts to work again. When not worn it takes about 20 minutes for the watch to stop completely and not work until worn again or heated by other means. That is very frustrating and to make things worse both of the watches have the exact same problem. I have never experienced anything like it with my previous watches, nor has my father for that matter.

Off course at some point we suspected that the problem lies with the batteries. I took the watch to my local Cerruti shop/service where they tested the batteries (all good) and even put in brand new ones. The problem did not go away.Since the watches were bought abroad they are hesitant to acknowledge the two year warranty.

Has anyone had a similar experience? Could the culprit be thermal expansion or is there some other explanation?

What do you guys think?