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    Certina DS1 Auto Chrono

    Hi all,

    I have fallen in love with these watches.

    Both are Certina DS1 automatics with valjoux 7750 movements.

    Cost is about 1100 euros with shipping so great value!

    I have found many pictures on the net of this version.

    But also I like the bellow with the red hands. I cannot find more pictures. Can anyone help? Especially with the back as one thing I want for sure is an exhibition back to see the superb movement.

    What do you think? I like both a lot and the second one a bit more. But I need to see more pics! Also here in Greece no AD has them so I am planning to order from Germany.


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    Re: Certina DS1 Auto Chrono

    They are very nice watches for their price point.
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