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    cheap quartz

    hi, are there some cheap fully working quartz movements under 10 dollars?. recently im watching a lot of casio and guess cronographs fully working around 25 dollars and that seems weird.

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    Re: cheap quartz

    Have you checked on eBay? There should be plenty, just be open minded to design :) There are even automatics under $10 there.

    Edit: Just checked and literally thousands.. even found a Casio F91W for under £5..

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    Re: cheap quartz

    I think I bought my Casio F91W for $7 on amazon. Been with me for years and even take it into water to swim. Works perfect. Timex has some good ones too under the $30 mark if your looking for a quartz that’s not overpriced.

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    Re: cheap quartz

    Go to Amazon or eBay and filter on the price. There are thousands of them.

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    Re: cheap quartz

    Quote Originally Posted by trekbonita View Post
    hi, are there some cheap fully working quartz movements under 10 dollars?. recently im watching a lot of casio and guess cronographs fully working around 25 dollars and that seems weird.
    If buying in bulk, there are plenty of *reputable* 3-hand movements well under $10-- like (Asian) Ronda and Miyota type stuff, not cheapo Sunon. Chronos start about there for you and I, but remember the massive scale of brands like Casio.

    IMHO, the cheapest "real" chrono watches are Timexes at around $50, and some of them are iffy in quality, but they'll at least have a center timing seconds like a proper chronograph. Clearly the movement has to be a fraction of that cost.
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    Re: cheap quartz

    I think Casio and Timex are going to be your go-tos for good quartzes under or around $10. I've also had great luck and accuracy with Miyota quartz movements - you will have to do some leg work to confirm what's inside of them, but some very cheap, semi-decent fashion watches use those.

    If you're looking specifically for a cheap analog chrono...I think the cheapest I can think of as said above are some Timexes. I don't think I've seen any analog Casio chronos, though maybe they exist.

    Also look at Pulsars with Seiko movements. Swatch make a a good quartz chrono too, but will be a but more than $10 and Swatches aren't for everyone.

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    Re: cheap quartz

    I bought one of these for under £3 to wear whilst doing building work. It works fine and I actually quite like it!
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