Choosing which watch to wear
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Thread: Choosing which watch to wear

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    Choosing which watch to wear

    Until a few years ago I only wore one watch, a Seiko Kinetic I got for my 21st birthday. It was about all I had that was a “proper” watch. I wore it everywhere.

    Due to a change in circumstance and a load of hard work I now have a small collection and have achieved my dream of a Tag (admittedly quartz), but my dad had one years ago and this month as a birthday present to myself a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch.

    But since getting the Speedy, I just always want to wear it, maybe it’s the novelty of it being new, or that I have a few different straps. But I find that it goes well with a suit and in almost all casual situations.

    So it got me thinking:

    How do you choose which watch to wear and when?

    I tend to look at the situation for style, then try and pair the colour with other accessories and maybe change the strap if necessary. E.g. I may wear my gold accented Hamilton Openheart with a brown strap with a blue suit and brown shoes.

    I have to say it’s a nice luxury to have!

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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    I take a watch out of the watch box and strap it on. No set rotation. I just like to switch up every couple of days. I have never given an iota of consideration to what shoes I was wearing.

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    Hmmmm.. maybe I’m overthinking it.

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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    Wear what makes you feel best when you strap it on. Contrary to popular belief around here, watches dont have feelings. Or at least they are not as emotional as we are ;)

    I find that a rotation is impossible for me. I wear one watch almost always, and only change it up to one of the others when I feel the impulse to do so. The speedmaster is awesome for just about everything short of a trip to the beach, so I say you're doing it right!
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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    I work a rota which tends to get a little huffy if I ignore it.
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    I sell what I don’t wear which is why I’ve found myself to never have more than 2 in my collection but mainly I’m a one watch guy as I do not like having several and having to choose with some being neglected over my favoured ones.

    At the minute it’s my MM300 as a daily driver and I’ve no need for diversity in a collection. That said this is for sale and I’ll likely purchase and explorer in its place
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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    Well, I have way too many watches and until recently I consciously wore a different watch every day. However, my top watch has always been my Speedmaster. Just recently, I've begun to sell many of my watches and have been wearing the Speedmaster regularly, and I've been very happy doing so. It's just a great everyday watch, looks great with just about any outfit, dresses up and down, and is well-received at any WIS gathering. So I can see why you're wearing your Speedy. It's a great watch and one of the few truly iconic watches out there.

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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    very cool story, I definitely feel like you're in the honeymoon phase with the ever so beautiful speedy. but non the less its a great watch and deserves the special treatment you're giving it right now. I think it all just depends on a day to day basis. Sometimes I wake up wanting to wear a certain watch, sometimes I narrow it down based on what I'm wearing or where I'm going. It's really just an instinct with us WIS and when it hits us we know what we're gonna wear

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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    I don't wear my 'nicer' pieces during the week due to working on site so don't have the luxury of rotating daily or every couple of days.

    I wear what ever takes my fancy that day but if a particular watch hasn't been worn in a while I'll make an effort to wear it and that usually re-ignites my love for it again.
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    Re: Choosing which watch to wear

    I basically wear this all the time
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    Unless I am doing things that involve hitting stuff...helping my folks move a safe, or assemble damned IKEA furniture, or sliding around a water park
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    or if I have to be dressy
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    I don't really wear the rest anymore
    oh...unless I want to be dressy and tough
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