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    Chopard Ladies Vintage?

    We just pulled my girlfiends old watch out of a draw amoungst some other stuff. Anybody have an idea where I can research, and get an idea of value, for a Chopard Ladies solid gold watch diamond surrounding the case, case No. P15x xxx Serial No. 17xxxx purchase new in 1981. The thing in is almost a miniture!!

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    Re: Chopard Ladies Vintage?

    Well, Iīd try to inquire on

    Our 7 rules re vintage watch valuation (by Ray MacDonald):

    Rule #1: 3 things influence the value of a vintage watch: condition, condition and condition. Itís very difficult to assess condition from a photo, hence any online value estimate is a crapshoot.

    Rule #2: If you have a solid gold case, add $500 US to the price assessment. If it's encrusted in diamonds and is platinum, it doesn't much matter about the watch part anyway Ė the scrap value will be higher unless itís say a Rolex, Patek or Vacheron.

    Rule #3: The watch is worth what a buyer will pay for it. There are price lists published, but they assume the watch has been serviced and is in running condition. Any buyer will have to deduct at least $100 US from the price list value if the watch has not been recently serviced. A watch seller will not give you more than 50% of the posted price in any case. Often eBay is the best way to get an idea of what your watch is worth.

    Rule #4: Your antique watch is worth far less than you think. They are not rare, even if they are old. For instance Elgin made over 50 MILLION movements. They were built to last and be repaired so a lot of them are still around in various conditions of course. The average price for an 80 year old pocket watch is around $150 US. Of course how do you put a price on something your grandfather gave you when you were 7?

    Rule #5. When it comes to wristwatches, menís are worth more than ladiesí models. Women are not as interested in old mechanical things, and the ladiesí watches are often really tiny - thatís out of fashion today. Besides, the menís watches of the 30s and 40s are quite small and can serve as unisex pieces. So ladies, go ahead and wear Dadís old Bulova if you want.

    Rule #6: Watches stink as an investment. I bought an 1883 keywind Hampden in 1978 for about $100 US. It's value today? Maybe $175 US. I'm not going to retire on those types of returns. It's a great watch though.

    Rule #7: When in doubt, refer to Rule #1.

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