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Thread: Chrono24

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    Have any of you guys used Chrono24? If so do you guys like it? Would it be a good place to buy from? Is it legit? Thank.

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    Re: Chrono24

    One time, flawless deal.

    I suspect it depends on the seller, it is simply a collection of sellers - not unlike ebay but limited to watches.

    It's legit - as a site, but again you are at the mercy of the seller. I researched the seller as best I could ( it was a retail store and I was able to contact them)

    Ilook at the site frequently - there aren't any "steals" there but the watches appear to be in generally better shape than on the bay.
    Great selection though.
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    Re: Chrono24

    In my experience:- the word "mint" can be widely interpreted by the sellers on this site and may not be your interpretation of the word.
    AD stamped card not from the seller but from a shop in another town.
    Some apparent bargains have high shipping cost e.g. € 150 , I refuse to pay this.
    Several of the dealers do not have the watches they are selling, I have been quoted a lead time of up to three months.
    Think of Chrono24 as a broker putting buyers in touch with sellers.
    I tried to buy a watch which appeared to be in two countries at the same time and also on another site at another price , do your homework and buy the seller.
    Many dealers will only accept money transfer payment, are you willing to take the risk?
    Finally , the BIG one, will Chrono24 intervene or help the buyer if there is a serious problem? I have never had an answer to that but I suspect not.
    Having said that I have never had a serious problem but the last deal took me three months to find the right watch at the right price for me. Patience is a virtue. If in doubt move on, there will be another out there if you are looking for a modern piece.

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