Anyone have experience with the CITIZEN WATCH - SAILHAWK - JR4034-53E?
Is it me or is it poor quality(cosmetic, not mechanical) control(accurate) about the face dial. It looks like someone has the "Starboard Tack Angle & Reach" and "Port Tack Angle & Reach" switched around? Is it me? I'm don't know anything about sailing, I just need a watch that is analog & digital with a countdown timer that is water resistant to at least 100m.

Once again, I don't know anything about sailing but I have spent many many many nights 2-5 o'clock in the morning busting through various surf zone around the world in a Zodiac CRRC w/ 8 other knuckleheads trying to get out of someone's backyard and back to our ship! Last time I checked, Starboard means Right and Port means Left(this was molded into me in boot camp, automatic invitation to the pit if you messed that one up).
Did Citizen make a quality control mishap on the Dial labeling with the Starboard & Port being switched around or is that how watches designed for sailing are made?