Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !
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Thread: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

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    Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Hi everyone,

    New member to the forum, although I have been reading posts / opinions and discussions on here for some time - great source !

    I have a bit of a collection and have always entertained the idea of budget timepieces (definitely prefer known watchmakers, rather than designer watches), partly because I can't seem to satisfy my urge with a single watch and I know I'll end up wanting another soon after; and partly because my lovely wife would have my behind if I started hashing out larger sums on my little "obsession".

    That being said, I am interested in adding to my collection with either a Citizen or a Seiko, neither of which I have and long been thinking of. I have however purchased both brands as gifts (ironically one of them being a nice titanium Citizen eco-drive for my wife). After some searching, I've come across the three options below that sparked my interest. I would very much appreciate any feedback / input and opinions on this or any alternatives that would fall in this price range ($99-$150).

    1. Citizen Eco-Drive AW0031-52E

    Seiko Kinetic SKA603

    Seiko SNQ101

    Name:  Citizen Eco-drive AW0031-52E.jpg
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    Many thanks in advance for your responses !


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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Personally, I like the perpetual calendar, but it has an integrated bracelet. I would probably opt for the Eco-Drive over the Kinetic if you're going to be switching out for different watches.
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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Hi and welcome to WUS! Of the three I like the Citizen first for it's attractive design and second for it's Eco Drive (solar cell) movement. For several reasons the SNQ design is not very attractive.

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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    I have several Seikos and very many Citizens and my vote goes to the Eco Drive for the same reasons mentioned by John MS.

    The very few problems I have had with my watches were due to seldom used Kinetics. You can leave an Eco-Drive in front of a window when not in use but Kinetics require more complicate solutions.

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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Another vote for the Eco-Drive. Rock solid, great finishing for the price and very good looking, IMHO, as well.
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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    It is reported that it might cause defects on the batteries/capacitors if it discharges. So if you don't want to bother about that, an ecodrive is more convenient, as it has been said above. Just keep it somewhere exposed to light.
    If you tend to use the watch frequently, there's nothing wrong with the kinetic. I have a 1995 Seiko Kinetic Sport 150 5M23-6B50 that I keep wound and haven't had any problems so far. I'm not sure though if the battery was ever replaced before I inherited it.

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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Yet another vote for Citizen. I think that's one of the nicer looking "Drive by Eco Drive" models, versatile yet sporty and no obvious "gotchas."

    The first Seiko is fine, but it's Kinetic (without Direct Drive.) That "Kinetic Swoosh" is (IMHO) an undesirable design element when you're not using it to see how much power reserve you have, not being direct drive, it can take a very long time to charge up to full and frankly, it being a Kinetic means there's one more thing to break than on that model than the Eco-drive. It's still a definite 2nd place contender, though. I could see potentially getting over those limitations but still acknowledging they do exist.

    I'd avoid the perpetual calendar model because of the integrated bracelet.
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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    Out of those three, I like the minimalist, clean look of SKA603 the best.

    -Case diameter: at 42mm might be a bit big depending on your wrist size and preference about watch size.

    -Weight: I couldn't find weight information so if you don't like heavy watches, you might want to try before you buy, though probably the watch weighs less than 200g.

    -Keeping kinetic watch charged: in my experience, if I wear the watch at least once a week, it's not a problem in keeping a kinetic watch consistently charged to the 4-7 days power reserve level (for mine with old caliber 5M42 with capacitor replaced with lithium ion cell; I couldn't find the caliber for SKA603, but I would assume it'd work the same way if not better; mine never quit on me as long as I wear it once a week, and the power reserve indicator so far never dip below the 4-7 days (20 seconds) mark; hmm, I wonder if after changing the power source to lithium ion cell if the 20-second mark now indicates 1-month power reserve, which would explain why the watch never stopped even though I wear it sometimes once a week).

    -Bezel: note SKA603 has black PVD bezel that if scratched might leave unsightly silver scratch lines against black background, so buyer beware or wear gently.

    -Kinetic versus solar: personally, I do feel a difference when wearing kinetic. Psychologically it feels like I'm feeding the watch as I wear it, which is a nice personal feeling, whereas I feel like I'm starving an Eco-Drive/solar watch when I wear it under long sleeve. Yes, I'm neurotic!

    -Power indicator function: I like it okay.

    -The red second hand looks nice.

    -Legibility: the metallic hour and minute hands might appear black and disappear at certain angles against black or dark color dial, so beware. In that sense, the Eco-Drive might have more legible hour and minute hands. But I like the general look of SKA603 the best.

    EDIT: agree with OvrSteer that the "kinetic swoosh" is an undesirable aesthetic element. But IMHO, the swoosh in SKA603 is not as disruptive as the swoosh on other kinetic watches.
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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    The Cititzen boys will say Citizen and the Seiko fans will go for a Seiko but in actual fact they are all pretty good. From a design point of wiew I like the SKA603 the best.

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    Re: Citizen or Seiko ? Need your input and opinions !

    I like both brands and all of the watches pictured. I would personally go with the Citizen here.
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