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    Citizen Shine Braille Watch

    Merry Christmas to all! I have a question about a Christmas gift. My wife has gifted me with at least 14 watches over the years and this year I got a watch that I am TOTALLY unfamiliar with. It is a watch made by Citizen Shine and is designed for the visually impaired. The crystal flips open and the markers are raised. I have not found anything helpful on the web. Help!

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    Re: Citizen Shine Braille Watch

    I have seen one before and it seemed quite interesting. I suppose the hands must be mounted quite strongly on the post as you are physically touching he hands to tell time.

    I wonder whether digital watch is better for blind people (the kind that talks). Of course, blind person with real money will just get IWC minute repeater. :)
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    Re: Citizen Shine Braille Watch

    Pictures would be nice.
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    Re: Citizen Shine Braille Watch

    I bought a bunch of HMT Blindwatches a couple of years ago, which I gave to the local Blind people.
    Compared to a "normal" watch, the only difference is that the crystal flips open.

    Do not forget that the Blind are used to read braille etc, and have an extremely delicate touch and feel in their fingertips.

    OP! Your wife is teling you something...
    But what? That "you are blind and missing something" ? What?

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