Cleaning/polishing an Arctic Diver

Thread: Cleaning/polishing an Arctic Diver

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    Cleaning/polishing an Arctic Diver

    Football season & tailgates. Gonna be the death of me diet-wise and abuse-on-watch wise. Ye old AD has gotten kinda dingy. Is there a cloth (Cape Cod?) that I can polish the finish with to restore the out-of-box luster? It's not too bad, just it seems like soap & water aren't totally doing the trick.

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    Re: Cleaning/polishing an Arctic Diver

    Yowzer - please don't do that to the AD. A cape cod cloth will put a polished finish on it, making it shiny!.
    With the AD and the vertical brushing on the case, I'd give it to a local jeweller or even send it to KWC to get it done right.
    Otherwise, take a scothbrite pad and put your own brushed finish on it.
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