Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK
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Thread: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

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    Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK


    I have a question for my fellow brits. How do you store your watches securely?

    I speak not of watch boxes, rolls and cases and such. I am talking about keeping them secure against theft.

    Now, for most on these forums who seem to be Americans, the stock answer is, "get a safety deposit box at your bank". This is great and everything except that in the UK, banks have been steadily discontinuing safety deposit box services for the past decade or two. Unless you happen to live in one of the major cities, almost no banks have safety deposit boxes any more.

    So if one is to maintain an appreciable watch collection of significant value, how do you do it in the absence of such services? I imagine that your insurance company is going to make some demands in this area.

    Before you answer, I would like to point out that I am not asking you to disclose your personal arrangements, and of course, nor should you. But I hope that you would be able to speak in general terms enough to point me in the right direction in terms of guidance and perhaps even products and services.

    And if you know of any useful services and/or companies in North-West England that would be very helpful.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi mate. I'm in the North West as well, and although I'm not in the realms of megabucks collections, it certainly stung when we were burgled a couple of years ago and I lost few grands worth (luckily my insurance was good and paid out on the lot. Lesson learned, i now have a floor safe. If anyone can find it and get in it before the police turn up with the burglar alarm going, fair play to them. Obviously, this works for me. I've no idea what ballpark you are playing in when it comes to values. As an aside, it was surprisingly reasonable premium wise to name certain watches/wifes jewellery as specified items on my policy.

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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Good question! Never had to think about it as my collection isn't of much value.

    renting a storage unit is the only viable option I think of there's plenty of them in the UK. either that or get each one insured and hope for the best.

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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Value of my collection is not worth fretting about such things, but it I wanted to put them someplace secure while on vacation, say, I have a steel lock box bolted the to the floor in a dark, out of the way closet with all kinds of other junk stacked on top of it.
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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Not sure if you have access to different types of safes.
    Most of what I have read from members in the United States is to buy some sort of fire resistant gun safe that is bolted to the floor.
    Also some sort of burglar alarm and or a big dog in conjunction with the safe.
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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Have a couple of big safes bolted to the wall. Talk to your local safe supplier about the best type. Even though they are cheaper be very wary of buying on the internet as some of the sellers are not what we might term “honest folk”.
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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Depends on watches are we talking very expensive ?

    Deposit box @ bank would be ideal but its a pain in the arse if you want to rotate, a cheap safe at home would be the best option but I would get some silica packages just to stop any condensation or moisture from affecting your watches especially if they are vintage!

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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Keeping watches secure in the UK is not much different than keeping them secure in the US or elsewhere..

    First keep in mind there is no such thing as perfect security. You want to have a level of security such that thieves won't bother or if they try, will either get caught, or soon give up and go elsewhere. There's also a difference between amateur thieves and professionals.

    Security is best in layers. True of both computer security and physical security. Things like video cameras, 24/7 monitored sensors on doors and windows, solid doors with good locks, dogs, a quality safe bolted down, and watchful neighbors. You want your home to be a 'hard target.' Keep in mind that a good safe can protect against thieves, and fire.

    Security like that will protect against most amateur thieves, and maybe give professionals some headaches too. All depends also on how much your watches are worth vs. how much you're willing to invest in security. For some people it might be enough to have a good insurance policy.

    For a professional thief who is targeting YOU, who has a lot of resources and time, there may be no level of security that is 100% adequate. But my guess is that the average person won't have this problem. And if you're in that 1% and your watch collection is worth that much - then keep it at a bank or invest in the necessary resources at your home - including armed security guards.

    Also, what happens if you have a great security system setup, then when you come home one day, a guy in the bushes ambushes you with a gun to your head or a knife to your throat and demands access to your safe? No watch is worth your life.
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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    Tiers of security is the best bet.

    A) Make sure it looks like you’re home, esp in the darker afternoon /early evenings of winter, lights on timers, radio etc.
    B) Good house security, alarm, deadlocks, window locks, and make sure you use them.
    C) Keep the watches out of sight, ideally in a safe. A comparatively cheap but effective safe is a firearms cabinet, which if deadbolted to an outside brick wall, and dotted with 5 lever security locks is very effective.

    Do all the above and it will have to be a serious determined burglar to get your prize pieces, and most of the burglars are opportunist thieves looking for a quick in and out.
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    Re: Collection Security - How to keep your watches secure in the UK

    I have safe bolted to the floor. But my best insurance against theft is my insurance policy. They get stolen I go buy new ones. Peace of mind.

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