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    Collection Story

    On a lazy Sunday thought it would be nice to do a collection story with photos. Here's mine, look forward to reading yours:

    1. April 2008 : Omega SMP bought for me by my wife on our anniversary. Knew nothing about watches then, but this one spoke to me, and is responsible for the subsequent madness.

    2. September 2008 : Learned about Lum-Tec and wanted a combat series badly, but they were all sold out. So I found this and found I couldn't get myself to part with it... Our love abides.

    3. May 2009 : Then Lum-Tec announced the Tungsten line and I was in on the pre-order. It took a long while to get made, so I bought this to tide me over - an M11.

    4. January 2010 : The M8 tungsten arrives! It met all my expectations and exceeded them. I love this watch.

    5. June 2010 : Travelling in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio - I am made an offer I cannot refuse. This leads me to my favourite watch ever - the superocean steelfish.

    6. May 2011 : Wanted a watch I wouldn't have to worry about much (unlike my Steelfish, which I baby) and found this DLCed Steinhart. It was a pleasure dealing with them, and it is a pleasure to wear their watch. We have had some wild times together.

    7. October 2011 : A birthday gift from my wife. This one is also forever. Gets me the more "nice watch" comments than any of the others. My attention seeking watch - the Bronze Moray.

    Thanks for reading my stories. Look forward to yours.

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    Re: Collection Story

    Interesting stories behind the watches!
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Omega Seamaster 2541.80
    Seiko Black Monster
    Seiko SKX007
    Suunto Core "All Black"
    Suunto Core Alpine Edition
    Suunto Vector
    Tissot Sea-Touch.

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