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    Completely uneducated... HELP!

    I am looking for a watch at a very cheap price, (150.00 USD Maximum, somthing i can get for 70 dollars or less on eBay). I am not looking for sellers, just suggestions for which watch to get. I recently had a fake russian army watch a friend of mine got on a trip to russia for 18 USD, (the seller originaly asked for 80! :-D) We both knew it was fake, but it was very nice for the price, imho. But, surprise, surprise, it broke... Now im looking for a watch. it has to be titanium, or otherwise nickel free (i get it bad from even the smallest amounts of nickel, it burns when i even touch nickel for a minute!) fairly undestructable, long-lasting, analog (as opposed to digital, preferably sweep second hand), the more functions the better (theres no such thing as a watch that looks too busy) , preferably silver and gold colored, or silver black, not too important, and again, cost efficient and rugged.

    Mabye an authentic russian army watch?
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    Re: Completely uneducated... HELP!

    punch in seiko titanium over on egay
    you'll be surprised at the selections for $120 - 150 (quartz titanium)
    if you want a mech movement & you're willing to spend $250 - 275 go to

    interesting line, using 2824-2 ETA movement
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    Re: Completely uneducated... HELP!

    Thanks, I'll try it.

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