Concord Mariner-Slimmest Watch at the time.

Thread: Concord Mariner-Slimmest Watch at the time.

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    Concord Mariner-Slimmest Watch at the time.

    I will post a picture shortly, but in or around 1980, I purchased a new Concord Mariner(I recall that being the name)which was described as the thinnest watch availabe. It is solid gold (the case) with a blue sapphire in the crown and has a lizard strap (I could be wrong but it is very nice). A quartz movement. It is really gorgeous but the diameter i very small to today's standards. I had worn it once and stored it away all this time, only replacing batteries during this period of time.

    I cannot find this watch anywhere when searching for it. Anyone have any ideas of where to look? I just had a thought; I should call Concord! Dumb me.
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    Re: Concord Mariner-Slimmest Watch at the time.

    Did you ever find anything from Concord? I purchased a Concord Mariner in '83. It fit your description. I have the original paperwork. It was a Concord 5081213. I found on online for $2800.

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