After the awesome suggestions given in my previous thread;

I've decided I'd rather get a white/silver face on a leather strap (preferably brown) with more of a 'dressy' feel to it and am going to get a Speedy for my 'bracelet' watch.
I looked at Longines Master Collections on Ace Jewellers and they are a little thick for my liking @ 14mm with cases @ 42-44mm...Baume et Mercier won't ship to Australia from that site either which sucks a bit.

...Why does tho have to be so hard!

So would love some additional suggestions guys!
42-44mm case diameter
<13mm thick
Dressy feel
White/Silver face
$1000 - 2000 (may be able to stretch to $2250ish)

From reputable watch makers!

Thanks in advance guys, any help is greatly appreciated.