Cool article: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC

Thread: Cool article: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC

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    Cool article: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC

    It's a great story of how a maze of global corporate machinations, that started out having nothing to do with watch companies, led to Lange, IWC & JLC being owned by the very secretive Richemont Group. It's practically a Thrillier! :

    Just Watching with James Dowling: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC
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    Re: Cool article: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC

    It makes sense that respected luxury watch brands be part of a luxury goods conglomerate rather than a cellphone-engineering-media conglomerate. Looks as if Richemont got them through a watchmaking connection at least.
    I've seen it happen in the chemical industry where a tiny specialized fragrance and flavor subsidiary was sold off quickly by a giant chemical conglomerate because it didn't fit strategically. It's a whole different market selling perfume than monomers for nylon.
    At least Richemont is good at marketing high end stuff which is what these brands need.
    PPR seems to be the odd luxury goods company out when it comes to watchmakers. Richemont and LVMH have really eaten their lunch in this area in my view anyway.
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    That was an interesting story. Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Cool article: How Richemont acquired Lange, IWC & JLC

    Absolutely great story. Great forum contribution!

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