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    Cortébert pocket watch help

    Hi all.

    I've been searching for some more info on a watch I inherited from my mother for quite some time, and so far I've had no success. It's a Cortébert pocket watch with Cal 522 clockwork. I came across but the clockwork in my watch isn't listed on there.

    I've attached pictures of both the face and the clockwork to this post. The serial number of the watch is 1211497 with a Z stamped underneath it on both lids.

    I'm hoping to be able to restore this watch fully soon, as the winding pin is loose and the watch is in dire need of cleaning, as it stops randomly.

    If at all possible, I'd also like a value estimate on the watch, and a reccomendation for a good watchmaker that I can trust with the watch in Dublin, Ireland.

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    Re: Cortébert pocket watch help


    Great looking watch.
    We have a vintage watch and pocket watch forum where you will find a group of experts that will be better able to place and perhaps value it. Good luck.

    Here is a link..

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    Re: Cortébert pocket watch help

    Great looking dial, too... very nice!

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    Re: Cortébert pocket watch help

    This watch is beautiful

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    Re: Cortébert pocket watch help

    Tanks, SnapIT. This place is a bit confusing with all the different subforums. I'll ask in there.

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