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    Crown won't pop in

    Just bought a cheap Timex watch for $30. It's a pilot style watch, pretty decent for the money, but right out of the box I'm having problems. I set the time and popped the crown back in (it's not screw down), but I realized the Indiglo feature didn't work, so i moved the crown a bit and i realized when I moved the crown the date changed. It wasn't popped out to the date setting position, however the date changes every time I turn the crown. The Indiglo feature is supposed to work by pushing in the crown when it's in it's regular position, so the fact that it doesn't work, plus the fact that the date changes when I turn the crown, makes me suspect the crown wont pop in all the way. Anyone know what's wrong and if there's anything I can do to fix it?

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    Re: Crown won't pop in

    You could take it back to where you bought it, you could contact Timex customer support or you could take it for a looksee by a watchmaker.

    The third option would make it difficult not to over capitalise on it, seeing as it only cost you 30 cookies.

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    Re: Crown won't pop in

    Too bad, I would take that bad boy back and exchange it, that is too big a problem for a new watch, even if it only cost $30.

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