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    Custom Pocket Watch Makers?

    Hey, so I've been looking around for some time to try and find an individual or even a company that does good quality custom work, and yet I can't seem to find someone to help me with what I want. As a present to my dad for his 50th birthday in 2 years, I want to have a pocket watch made that has our family crest engraved into it, and I'm leaning toward getting a quartz watch rather than mechanical, but at this stage I don't have too much of a preference. I'm also not afraid to spend a lot of money to ensure quality. Any help?

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    Re: Custom Pocket Watch Makers?

    If in the U.S., two of the best in America are the guys at TOWSON WATCH CO>
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    Re: Custom Pocket Watch Makers?

    Check with the folks at RGM watches in Pennsylvania. They do some really nice custom work. However, are you sure a pocket watch would be the best choice for someone who will be 50 in 2 years? The reason I ask is that few people wear pocket watches. Consider whether a really nice wristwatch with the family crest or his initials on the back would get more daily wear.

    RGM Watch Company
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    Re: Custom Pocket Watch Makers?

    Well, many years ago a man called Henry Graves, Jr. wanted to have a custom pocket watch made for him. He ended up with this watch:

    “The Henry Graves Supercomplication” – a $17 Million Pocket Watch

    You may wish to follow the same path ...

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