Damaged Submariner and other questions

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    Damaged Submariner and other questions

    I would appreciate help on a couple of questions. I have a Rolex Submariner 2006 which I managed to drop a while ago and damage the case. I went to an AD in the UK who advised that Rolex would polish the damage out within a service cost of £450.00 alternatively a new case via Rolex in the UK would cost £2450.00. I have got my Sub back from Rolex and they have only done a reasonable job polishing the damage and it's far from perfect. Can anyone tell me if it would be less expensive having a new case fitted by Rolex in the US? Additionally the black bezel has a very slight scratch; are these relatively easy to replace? Is it a watchmaker’s job or a DIY? Finally can a new bezel be purchased from Rolex and if so how much do they cost? Yes I know more than my planned two questions but I do need a lot of help! Thanks in advance. (also posted in the Rolex section)

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    Re: Damaged Submariner and other questions

    Have you photos of the damaged case?

    I can't answer to the US case costs-I would email them (try RSC Dallas) and ask what cost would be.

    A bezel insert isn't difficult, although there is the "learning curve" issue. I'd look in the "stickys" for a tutorial. Bezel inserts can be found on Ebay, TZ classifieds (occasionally) and in the WUS classifieds (occasionally).

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    Re: Damaged Submariner and other questions

    I'm not sure about the US pricing, but I can't imagine that they'd be too much different.
    Regarding the bezel: It is a fairly easy job and quick if you have the right tools. No worries.

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    Re: Damaged Submariner and other questions

    Hi, Thanks for that; another question about the bezel. How do you spot the one's being sold on eBay are original Rolex bezel's?

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    Re: Damaged Submariner and other questions

    This thread closed. You already posted on our Rolex Forum and one thread should do the trick.
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