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Thread: In a dangerous situation right now

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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    Quote Originally Posted by vkalia View Post
    Anyway, I am done. If you feel you are justified, have at it.
    I'll take you up on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by vkalia View Post
    Since we are exchanges doses of reality, here's a few for you:

    1/ There is a huge difference between broad stereotypes (provided one realises they are not universal) and your rather ugly post, where you automatically assume that the poster is from a particular country based on a single statement. You must be an absolute riot at parties when talking about blacks, Jews, Asians, Latinos, etc.
    I never said he must be from a certain country. I only said if I asked him where he's from it might be construed as prejudiced. Here, look at it again and use reading comprehension WITHOUT putting words in my mouth (or should I say on my keyboard?):

    Quote Originally Posted by pastawatcher View Post
    Trust me when I tell you they're already pissed off at you for beating them up for a low margin deal AND STILL NOT BUYING IT. They've called you names after you left FOR SURE, and none of them will make you happy. I'd ask you a couple questions about your nationality, but that might be taken as prejudiced. There are a few people who are known for doing crap just like you did and let's just say that NONE OF THEM are a salesperson's or owner's favorite up.
    You're adding what you believe is my intention. Can we see your mind reading diploma?

    Quote Originally Posted by vkalia View Post
    2/ There are a lot of things that "work" within a limited focus. The govt could scan all your mails, all your conversations, install speed detectors on your car, etc. Just because it works for its specific task doesnt make it a good idea in the grand scheme of things. And a free little lesson in logic when it comes to profiling & stereotypes: the fact that A implies B doesnt mean B implies A.
    Again, you're taking the equation further based on conjecture. Yes, all squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares....... but I never called the person either. I just said if I did ask him whether he's A or B that people would automatically assume I was acting prejudiced towards him - and here you are proving me correct so thanks for that! I went on to say that certain types of people who are stereotyped as annoying ups for salespeople are not looked well upon by retail employees. Again, I did NOT directly, nor even indirectly, speculate like you - I merely said that there are stereotypes for certain kinds of people that salespeople dislike for their behavior.

    If I were to push my presumptions about you as far as you did about me, I'd be calling you a bleeding heart overly sensitive liberal who looks to be offended by everything....... but I won't stoop to your level. And if I were going to lower myself into the mud to wrestle with a pig, I'd tell you to read these:

    Stop Being Offended Today: 3 Cures for Everything That Irritates You

    10 Ways You Can Stop Being So EASILY Offended | Meant to be Happy

    ..... but I won't because I'm not going to make suppositions about you.

    Now let's see if you are truly done, or you're going to break your word and fire back.

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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    get it bruh

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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    My wife went to pick up a Watch I purchased, and when she paid she said 'It feels as if a thousand voices from my bank account cried out and then were silence.... I THINK MY PURSE IS CRYING' Just imagine your wife saying that...

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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    hello peeps!
    i bought the nomos zurich worldtimer in the end!
    i hope this is a better choice than the longines pulsometer chronograph :)
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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    Quote Originally Posted by Veda View Post
    $1500 I can use to feed hungry kids and pay for my chauffeur's and maids' monthly salaries. You don't get rich by being inefficient. I seriously hope someday you know the feeling.
    Why dont you just buy a few slaves on the black market and keep em locked up and pay them nothing, that way you would have an extra 1500 a month to wipe your butt with, you dont sound very efficient to me.
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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    OH boy, im not quite willing to read 13 pages of forum posts, but what the heck has happend? I think the longines piece is pretty much the best longines watch in their entire collection. However, your actual choice is just as nice (and there are only a few pieces that could get that much credit). The case is nice in terms of its dimensions, the dial is stunning, and, as a nomos owner myself, the brand deserves a ton of credit.
    Why not post a little bit more (pictures, review, impressions...)

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    Re: In a dangerous situation right now

    I think we've had enough racial commentary for one thread.

    OP, you've made a fine choice. Feel free to show it off in a new thread.

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