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Thread: Danish vs. German design

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    Danish vs. German design

    Hello fellow watch-entusiast

    I would like to hear your opinion on these two 41 size models: Georg Jensen Koppel and Junghaus Form C.

    I like both watches. But which of the two watches would you prefer? (considering looks, quality, finish, refinement etc.).

    Georg Jensen Koppel:
    Name:  Skærmbillede 2018-05-06 kl. 14.02.37.png
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    Junghaus Form-C
    Name:  Junghans form c.jpg
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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Not familiar w Georg Jensen, but that subdial layout is silly. Way too close to center and looks like a tiny movement used in a large case.

    Junghans 100% here.

    Plus from design perspective - Junghans is sleeker, has better and more interesting case finish and design. Georg Jensen looks like DW. Thick, simple case, no changes in case finish
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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    The Junghans design shows considerable thought.
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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Agree with Ender, I prefer the Junghans design. I appreciate balance in my wine and watches. The Junghans has it, the Georg Jensen doesn’t.
    (I like the Junghans ChronoScope even more!)

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Like both looks, but the Junghans does more "right". The Jensen definitely has that movement-too-small-for-the-watch look. I like the two subdials style, as a nice change of pace, though I think the Jensen has a cleaner dial.

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Where the strap meets the case is nicer as well

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Would like both better if they were in slightly smaller 38mm cases. Agree with the comments that they give the appearance of a small movement (not that the size of the movement matters other than the overall appearance). Not keen on the date cutting into the subdial of the GJ with a lot of white space going spare or in the middle of the dial in the Junghans. Both 'faults' would bug me. I suspect that there's a general axiom among manufacturers that men's watches should be 40+mm. Pfft.

    I'd keep looking...

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    The tricompax layout is way too close together. Like cross eyes.

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Koppel here. Why not the Junghans? --don't really like the date at 3 (if at all), and don't like the flimsy-looking push-button mushrooms for the chrono.

    Personally, though, would buy neither if I were going for the simple style as shown here, as the very fact of adding the chrono complication ruins the effect--a kind of visual oxymoron--a simple/clean dial complicated/cluttered by a chronograph.

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    Re: Danish vs. German design

    Between the two, I’d go with the Junghans
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