Decisions decisions... please help...

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    Decisions decisions... please help...

    I'm looking for some hints and tips and would love some help and opinions.

    My wife is treating me to a new watch to celebrate the birth of our daughter last month.

    The watch is a Cuervo y Sobrinos dual time Prominente.

    The exact watch I fell for originally had a stainless steel case, cream face, brown strap, as seen in a magazine article a few years ago.

    But, since then I have been swayed towards the solid gold case since it seems to sit a little nicer with the cream face / brown strap combination. More money, but hey, you only live once

    Then I notice that the tobacco face / gold case / tobacco strap combination is a real beauty. And, this model's face has a hand cut pattern in it which is stunning.

    The cream face is flat, still a real looker, but doesn't have the same "pop" to it that the tobacco face has.

    Next I call a dealer and learn that Cuervo Y Sobrinos have some more combinations available that aren't on their website. For instance, a copper faced model which sounds very interesting. The catalogue is in the post.

    The watch will be worn daily, and given its sentimental value I intend to keep it forever.

    How would you choose a watch like this? Given that they are so exclusive (at least they seem to be - its taken me a week to track down some European dealers and there appear to be a total of 3 watches currently in the UK, one cream / steel, the other two black / grey / steel) I will never be able to see the whole range in the flesh before making a choice.

    :thanks in advance.

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    Re: Decisions decisions... please help...

    Hard decisions indeed, and I infact, have a watch coming that I have never seen in person.

    I have done this before and it does get easier...the key is having a good dealer and some knowledge of yourself as well as the timepiece.

    Is the watch in your normal dimensions, shape, weight, etc for you...if so, that makes everything a little easier. Can you return the watch, even for a credit if it does not meet your needs and you do not wear it...I am sure others can fill in with many more questions for you to ponder.

    Think of as many as you can and find a dealer that can help you answer them.

    Much congratulations on your child

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