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    Deep Blue CalDiver 500

    Hello. This is my first post after reading a ton of good info here. I have been looking for a good looking watch that was on the bigger side as I have fairly big hands and was of good quality but not to expensive and in my eyes I found one. I love the contrasting colors of black, white and stainless. This is my second watch and will be rotated with my Suunto Core. I think I have found a new obsession in watches. Since looking for a new watch I am always looking at every watch I see on someone else. Can't wait to decide on my next purchase just have to save some more money. Attachment 973000

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    Re: Deep Blue CalDiver 500

    Beautiful! I have the Blue dial but I wanted the Black. It is one of my favorites and Deep Blue makes great watches for the prices.

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    Re: Deep Blue CalDiver 500

    Welcome. You've been bitten by the bug. You may come to love (most of) us, but your wallet won't.

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