Demagnatize New Auto Watches?

Thread: Demagnatize New Auto Watches?

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    Demagnatize New Auto Watches?

    Question - Do you demagnetize a brand new auto watch to see if its time keeping improves? I thought that this was worth sharing and to ask if anyone has experienced this.

    So I put my Seiko Sarb017 back into rotation few weeks ago. I got it last year and out of the box is was about +10 sec a day which was fine. Then about a week ago it jumped to +5 sec a minute...I knew I must have magnetized it because it has not been dropped or bumped. So I proceeded to demagnetize it with my $15 ebay demagnetizer.

    24, 48 72 hrs and now a week later I can confirm that it is -1 sec for the week. I am amazed that it is performing at this level of precision.

    But it got me thinking...if my auto was +10 when new out of the box then it had some minor charge correct? Maybe all my autos do. Do you guys demag all your autos when new out of the box?



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    Re: Demagnatize New Auto Watches?

    It's my understanding (based on information from a reputable watchmaker) that magnetism causes a watch to run fast not slow. The magnetized hairspring coils are pulled closer together shortening the hairspring.

    It's my opinion that your new auto was just going through a 'break in' period.

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