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    Deployant direction selection

    Every watch I have with a strap and a buckle clasp (and, I believe, every one I've ever seen) is set up with the plain end attached at the bottom of the watch face and the buckle end attached at the top, so that, when the watch is on and you look at the bottom of your wrist, the plain end points away from you.

    I recently got two watches with deployant clasps (both Orients), and they have the plain end attached at the top of the watch, so that when you put it on and look a the bottom of your wrist, the plain end points toward you. Even with the extra loop thingie as close to the end as possible, you still see some of the inside of the strap, which kind of bugs me.

    The question: is this typical of straps with deployant buckles? Or is it some Orient idiosyncrasy? I could, I suppose, switch the ends so the end points away like I want it to, but before doing so I thought I'd ask opinions of this vaunted assembly.

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    Re: Deployant direction selection

    I think the conventional way you mention is what the majority of people do. Personally I find that switching it "backwards" would just add extra strap and bulk to the thumb side of my wrist and get in the way when I using the computer.
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