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    desperately seeking info

    As a young boy my love of wristwatches developed from the time my father use to let me sit on his lap and press the stop start buttons on his watch. when he died 15 years ago I was left the watch in his will. recently i showed my boys their grandads watch and let them press the stop start buttons like i use to then one asked where did grandad get his watch the only answer i knew was he won it in a wager in post war germany while serving with the british army. this question has led me to this forum. having googled with no result i was hoping someone could shed some light on the make, country of manufacture and any other details. i have added a picture for help and have the make or model is called Argus and i can just make out the letters
    TELEMETRE or TELBMETRE i am not sure that is the total letter as the one of the dials overlap. the only other info i know was that my father won it in Hamburg 1948.
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    Re: desperately seeking info

    A beautiful memento of your father. If you repost this request on the Vintage forum you will be talking to the dedicated vintage experts. As for the word obscured by the subdial it would be TELEMETRE used for calculating rates of travel per period of time usually from the air against visual markers on the ground. With a base 1000 that would be Kms/hr in this instance. Lastly I can't remember seeing Argus as a watch brand but that just means I've had the privilege of seeing it for the first time here. Thanks. There was a famous news paper in Melbourne Australia called the Argus that went out of publication in the 60's. I don't think it bears any relationship to the watch but one never knows.

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    Re: desperately seeking info

    Thank you i have done what you sugested and reposted it in the vintage catorgory also

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