Diagnosing non-running Accutron 2181 - steps

Thread: Diagnosing non-running Accutron 2181 - steps

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    Diagnosing non-running Accutron 2181 - steps

    Please refer me to another forum if you believe I can get better support there. Here it goes:

    I came across a non-running Accutron 2181. Movement has no visible damages, dirt, or corrosion. It came with a 343 battery installed. I installed a 344 battery, it still doesn't run. It did not "jump start" with a tap to the 9'o clock position (as described in the service manual)

    The "jump start" procedure does advance the sweep second hand by a tick or two...I'm interpreting that the tuning fork and mechanical movements are in working order.

    The service manual says if "stopped, no hum", then check the following: 1. Exhausted Power Cell, 2. Open drive coil, 3. Mechanical blockage of the tuning fork, 4. Faulty electronic circuit.

    I'm at step 2. The manual describes using an Accutron test set. Can one use a simple multimeter to check the current?
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