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    Dissapointed by a legend

    Hey Cats,
    Was at my AD yesterday to put some $$ on my Retrograde and play with watches. The Cat who's been looking after me for the last few months brought out a beautiful Omega Seamaster Bond style they ordered for a customer who is now unsure if he wants it.
    This watch turned out to be quartz and a dissapointment to me, the second hand doesn't even hit on the indices! My cheap ass $30 Casio dress watch hits on every one! ... even my cheap Cardinal hexagon watch hits on every indices, man was a dissapointment, a $2500+ watch and can't even calibrate it properly
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    Re: Dissapointed by a legend

    I was ranting about this in another post:

    "While shopping for an Omega for my wife, I was disgusted to see that virtually every watch they pulled out of the case had a seconds hand that did not land on the marks as it went around the dial (these were quartz movements, since she wanted a slim watch). When I made some remark about it, they acted like I was insane to expect a $2000 watch to have accurate spacing between dial marks and to have the movement hit those marks. The saleswoman asked, with a smirk, if I was an engineer or something. I said no, but I'm not blind. Granted I'm no expert, but it looked like crap components with an Omega logo and $2000 price tag attached. And they were doing me a favor by showing the watches to me in the first place. Why does no one care about the quality of their work any more. Sorry for the rant, but it's downright insulting. Or maybe I have unrealistic standards, which is possible. In the end we ended up going with a Seiko for her watch, the lower pricetag came with lower expectations on my part and she loves the watch. For myself, I have to have an automatic with a sweeping seconds hand just to avoid this unsightly craptitude staring me in the face every day."

    Sorry you had to feel the craptitude too. My new Hamilton Khaki Auto can't hit the minute marks with the minute hand all the way around the dial. For about a third of the hour, it lands on the marker when the second hand is ~7 seconds past 0.

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