A diver or a (another) dress next?

Thread: A diver or a (another) dress next?

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    A diver or a (another) dress next?

    Hi all.

    I need some advice if plan A fails.

    Plan A is to get a Nomos Orion. Something I want to get for years. But I never had a Nomos on my wrist. So what if it dissapoints? Further Nomos contestens are a Tangente and Tangomat.

    For a dress watch I allready have got the Seiko cocktail time SARB065

    So I need a backup. I allways thought that dive watches would be to big for me, since this week I know that they are not. I fitted a Oris Aquis date (black) and it fitted nicely.

    So if the Orion/Tangente/Tangomat arent to my liking in real life on the wrist, I want to to for a diver

    I doubt between the (duh)

    1. Oris Aquis date (Prob the blue one)
    2. Oris diver sixty five
    3. Nomos Ahoi.

    So what to do? Try the dress or go for a diver because I allready have got the SARB065 and which one from the 3 do you prefer?

    And if I really stretch the budget.. Omega sea master as a forth option ( But for now I think too expensive)

    Plan C is a Oris Artrix complication

    Please let me now what you think. It would be very appreciated

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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    The SARB is a cool watch, and Nomos make fantastic watches. I'd go for some variety, and actually think you've made three good choices for divers in your price range (although I wouldn't call the Ahoy a diver). Between the two Oris models you've listed I'd go for the Oris Diver Sixty Five.
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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    Nomos Ahoi.
    A dressy watch that dives.
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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    I'd go for the Orion (35mm and weiss if it were me). It is a gorgeous true dress watch, and ultra slim by specs. The Ahoi is a watch that is nicer in theory than in practice. It's still not a watch I would probably intentionally wear to the pool, much less the beach. Then again, I have a bias towards dressier watches.
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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    I would replace the Oris 65 with Eterna Kontiki Date
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    A diver or a (another) dress next?

    Oris 65

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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    My advice would be not to buy a watch (specially if it means good investment for you) without trying it on your wrist first.... Ask local AD where you can try Nomos.. try them, try them again... same goes for the divers watches... you dont really need the watch so play with the process of selecting as well...

    I have tried Nomos in my wrist and they are beautiful! well made. fantastic price quality.....

    The argument about balancing your "portfolio" hence the "need" for a divers is too rational.. buy what you like know.... enjoy it!

    Oris and Nomos are very different!

    Good luck and let us know where you end up! Cheers
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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    So long as you get an Oris you can't go wrong in my book. The Aquis is the perfect diver and the compliction is pretty dressy (very dressy by my standards).

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    Re: A diver or a (another) dress next?

    I'd get the Orion, easy decision.

    If not then is take the Ahoi.
    Oris doesn't do it for me.

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