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    Diving with an SOA

    Has anyone done it? I know it is listed at 10ATM which puts it in the 100m/snorkeling only range from some manufacturers, but I dont know what it means for kobold. Their watches seem a bit overbuilt.

    I know, a soarway would be a better choice but I like the simpler look and can only afford one.

    Not deep water diving, 60ft and less. (just a beginner)

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    Re: Diving with an SOA

    With a lack of a timing bezel, I wouldn't use it while diving. If you are going to use a watch as a back-up I would make sure it had a bezel like the Soarway Diver or Seal. If you like the look of the SOA, I would try and get a SMG-1 or grab up a LSD while they are still available.

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    Re: Diving with an SOA

    I have used my SOA under water in the salt/30ft+ category no problems, if that helps.
    I only have my SOA and it goes everywhere in any and all environments.
    I say, use as intended and seek adventures daily!


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    Re: Diving with an SOA

    I've used mine for snorkling, 15-20 feet, with no problems.
    Wore it on a nato strap and fully rinsed off in fresh water after I finished.
    I used my Rolex GMT in the past, but found the larger dial much better, though as Warren mentions the lack of the timing bezel makes it less than ideal.
    If you really want the SOA you could ask if they could change the bezel and to insert the dial with arabic numbers.
    You can't go wrong when you get a Kobold.
    Good luck!

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