do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

Thread: do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

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    do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

    I was pondering this with respect to timex's I had as a boy. i assume these were mechanical as I remember winding them, but in my mind, I see them as having had a ticking second hand. In fact I remember, later on, as a young man, having a vague idea that 'rolexes don't tick' and believing it at the time to be some mysterious property that made rolex rolex . this was before i knew anything about watches at all - i still don't know much, hence the question.

    would the cheap watch i had as a boy, have had a sweep second, and i've just contrived to blank that out of my recollection?

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    Re: do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

    More than likely it was a sweep second. Some high end companies make mechanical watches that have a ticking second hand, or "dead seconds" but it is quite an exclusive complication so I doubt the timex you had as a boy featured it.

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    Re: do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

    It is highly likely that the Timex you had was an 18,000 or 21,600 bph movement while Rolex has/had a 28,800 (for over 30 years, I think). Higher beat rate = smoother sweep.
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    Re: do all mechanicals have sweep seconds?

    Just to clarify - "sweep seconds" means the second hand is centrally pivoted and sweeps the entire dial. "Subsidiary seconds" means the second hand is offset from the center and has its own small dial.

    Most all watches, quartz, or mechanical have sweep seconds.

    Not to be confused with a "smoothly sweeping" second hand.
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