Do buttons on new chronos stick?

Thread: Do buttons on new chronos stick?

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    Question Do buttons on new chronos stick?

    I Finally bought a chronograph after 2 months of research. i picked this watch up at a certified dealer that is going to drop the line for $1000. The cheapest i saw it on ebay was $1200 so with the factory warranty i was happy with my purchase. As i played with it the chrono buttons stuck 1 or 2 times and i paniced and took it back to the dealer who fixed it instantly. I wanted to know if chrono buttons need to be broken in or does it have something to do with that its a diver-300m? Well anyway its a perfect watch and has everything i was looking for with the exception of the see through back.

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    Re: Do buttons on new chronos stick?

    Hi Mike!

    First of all congrats on the purchase, I really like that piece and IMO it is an extremely good value.

    When you say they 'stuck' do you mean they were stuck in the depressed position? The Valjoux 7750 and some watches may have stiffer pushers than normal but to my knowledge pushers being stuck in the depressed position shouldn't happen.

    Is this something that happened again or something you can reproduce consistently?

    Also, random question, but is there any lume on the '12'? Or for that matter any lume at 3/6/9?

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    Re: Do buttons on new chronos stick?

    NO; there is some "stiff resistance" when pushing (i.e., some force must be applied, and you will hear a "click"), but once depressed, the buttons should NOT stay depressed.

    If they do, there is some kind of technical issue.

    Hope this helps.

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