do folks build their own watches?

Thread: do folks build their own watches?

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    do folks build their own watches?

    been burning the eyeballs looking for that exact watch (this is just a self selected obsession) for a good beater or tool watch, for everyday use
    absolutely hate busy dials, like the look of the german mid range pilot watches

    but can't find the combo i want, ie quartz with the right dial

    i'm in mfgring, so what i can't find, i can fabricate, including composites, like carbon fiber

    the Schauer above is one i like (pix borrowed from PUGiron - in fact he has it for sale for a pretty reasonable price, even for my purposes,
    or the Archimede Big Pilot for something like $325 (but mechanical)
    thinking to get one, and change out the movement to a high end quartz

    is it blasphemy, or do people do it

    not looking for the excercise of climbing a new learning curve, just tired of not finding what i'm looking for, plus it might be a neat project

    any input, suggestions, ....?
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    Re: do folks build their own watches?

    I have commissioned two Frankenwatches, which were built from a donor watchcase, and a donor dial/hands set from a different watch (plus a few extras in terms of case and movement work that I cared about).

    That road involves lots of research (some technical), much time, and more money than one would think at first.

    But the result of having your truly individual and unique watch is immensely satisfying.

    Martin ("Crusader")

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    Re: do folks build their own watches?

    did you do the conversion yourself or turn it over to a watchsmith like RGM?

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    Re: do folks build their own watches?

    question became moot last night
    made a deal on a SINN Hydro 403, quartz ETA 955.612 movement
    one month old, so plenty of factory warranty remaining, real legible, easy on the eyes, and decent dress watch potential (kind of a EZM UX 2b with the crown at 3:00 and the red bezel accent removed)

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