Do you have any vintage in your rotation?
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Thread: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

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    Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    I have a few pieces that I've picked up over the years that I wear on a semi-regular basis. Do you have any vintage that you actually wear?

    Here's a 45 year old Candino I picked up for $2. A quick home spun service and I think it looks pretty good. Currently running at +8

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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    Depending on how old you define "Vintage", I have a couple. I, myself, qualify as "Vintage" and I purchased both of these two new back in the day.

    Vulcain "Nautique" purchased at an Army PX in 1967, note then popular Twist-O-Flex band:

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    Seiko 5 "SpeedTimer", Asian version, purchased on the Ginza in Tokyo in 1969:

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    I very rarely wear these two, both run a little slow.

    Vulcain Nautique 1st Swiss/1967 * Seiko 5 SpeedTimer 1st Auto Chrono, from Tokyo Ginza/1969 * Handful of Seiko Quartz Chronos * Heuer Re-issue 1964 Pre-TAG Carrera chrono * TAG Heuer "Carrera" Chrono * Omega "Speedmaster" Chrono * Baume & Mercier Formula S Chrono * Zenith "El Primero" HW Chrono * Mühle Glashütte Nautische Chrono * Sinn 903ST “Navitimer” Chrono * Techné SparrowHawk II Chrono * Alpina Startimer Big-Date Chrono * Zodiac Sea Dragon chrono * (2) Victorinox "Infantry Vintage" Chronos (Silver/Green) * Junkers "G38" chrono * Hamilton Pioneer Khaki chrono * Bulova Marine Star Chrono/Diver * Breitling Chronospace chrono * Dan Henry 1939 chrono * Fortuna chrono * Delbana "Silverstone" chrono * Ball Fireman "Storm Chaser" chrono * William L. chrono * Junghans Meister Telemeter Chronoscope *

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    Thumbs Up Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    My main watch is vintage, Lucian Piccard.

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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    Not a one. I prefer larger watches, which precludes a huge section of the vintage market, and likewise, I have no interest in the hand-crankers that used to be so common. I'm also leery of ancient watches, fearing they may be on their last legs, or springs, as the case may be...
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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    I can appreciate vintage watches, especially their design and heritage, but I will never get one. The sizes are usually smaller than what I'm comfortable with, the prices of popular models have gotten to the level of silly money, aging movements are delicate and expensive to service, and since the preferred state is totally original, there will come a day where it will become so old as to become broken and worthless (as opposed to original and still running).
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    I wear vintage more than ‘current’, probably 4-1. 1950-1970 seems to be my ideal period for watches
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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    Yes, but not very often as I love it too much! An Aquastar Benthos I

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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    1984 Seiko. It’s actually a joy to wear. Looking for a 1987!

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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    ... of course... you think I'm some sort of Cad?

    It's funny, I just posted a Candino and a Vulcain in another thread!
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    Re: Do you have any vintage in your rotation?

    I wear vintage chronographs all the time (probably the majority of the time, actually). If you count my Speedmaster purchased 20 years ago (I don't), then I almost always wear vintage. I have probably 8-9 vintage Seiko chronographs that I wear all the time, plus a vintage Hamilton chronograph. All of these are at least 40 years old, most closer to 50 years old. I love 'em.

    These chronographs are all vintage and all Seiko, except for the (excellent) Citizen Bullhead mixed in there.

    JSOTC-10 by Russ, on Flickr

    Here's the Hamilton Chronograph G from ~1975. This is the exact model (including bracelet) I received as a high school graduation present that was stolen a few years later. Found this replacement for it a few years back.

    P4020003 by Russ, on Flickr

    All of these are in regular rotation.
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