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    Does anyone know anything about a

    Krug Bauman? Found it at a local retailer, seems to be a decent price for a decent watch. Any input is appreciated
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    Re: Does anyone know anything about a

    Sounds a bit like an Oriental E-Bay special to me.

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    Re: Does anyone know anything about a

    Krug-Baümen is a UK based company that designs and distributes the brand, asian made watches of a mixed quality. Fitted with swiss parts ISA and Miyota movements.
    They've made up fantasy retail prices, so don't fall on them:
    The brand was made for internet sales only but the company is on the market for some time now with this brand and they are also quite big compared to similar competitors. They make several brands and i think they distribute about a thousand watches per week.
    Maybe they have found their way to stationary retailers meanwhile, they are also sold by many TV shopping channels.
    Main market is Europe, especially Germany, France and Italy.
    Spare parts and service can be a horror outside the UK, only in Germany it seems to be organized by the local distributors a little.
    The items are sold on the bay between 80 and 150 EUR (depends on the model) and you can find named categories on many european eBay sites.
    The assembling is okay, not very exciting designs but can be used as everyday watches.
    Compared to the watches you've named in your signature i'd say, stay away, take a Seiko instead.

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