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    In doubt....


    I'm looking for the third watch in my small collection. It needs to be a dressy yet sporty style watch next to my Speedmaster Pro Broad Arrow and a Seamaster Pro.

    The obvious choice for me would be a Aqua Terra, but the Grand Seiko SBGX061 has great appeal. Problem with both watches is that they are slightly above budget.

    Now I have two contenders:
    1 Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 6
    2 Ball Fireman Victory

    Pics from the net:

    Which would you choose and why?


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    Re: In doubt....

    Save up for the Aqua Terra, its the one you really want and would make a great 3 omega watch collection.

    Out of your choices I'd go for the Tag. Theres no excuse for that Ball date window

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    Re: In doubt....

    I'd just wait and either save for the AT or not buy anything. With the AT you'd have a complete collection. Without the AT you have a complete collection. With the Heuer or the Ball, you'd have a collection... plus a Heuer or a Ball.

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    Re: In doubt....

    I'd go with the ball, beautiful, that's what I'd did when I realised I wasn't comfortable spending that much on an AT....until I walked into the shop and tried on the the AT in person....and bought it

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    Re: In doubt....

    Having seen both in person, Ball by far is the better looking one not to mention more respected and superior lumes. I was going to get the Ball until I have too many sunburst dialed dress watches.
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    Re: In doubt....

    I prefer the Ball.

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    Re: In doubt....

    Honestly. It's NOT worth wasting money on fillers.
    They won't satisfy you in the long run and eventually you'll buy the AT if you really crave it, so you'll then lose money when you try and flip your Tag or Ball.

    Save for the AT, spend your time researching and building up the anticipation for when you finally get it! That's what the small sweet moments in life are about.
    Don't settle in the hope that a lesser item will quench your desire... it WON'T.

    Sorry, I know that's not what you asked... if you are REALLY set on a filler than go for the Tag. It'll get you more when you flip it!

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    Re: In doubt....

    Don't like the stupid notches on the lugs, or that lip on the bezel.
    Not keen on the idea of a non-chrono "Carrera" even if it is a good looking watch.

    I think if I had to choose, I would most likely end up with the anthracite dial.
    Or a blue Aqua Terra.
    I'm also quite partial to the white Aqua Terra with gold hands and markers.

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    Re: In doubt....

    I don't like Ball and Tag, if the Omega AT or Grand Seiko are the watches you really want then just save up some more. Do not settle for something you might regret later on.
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    Re: In doubt....

    I've been a bit of a supporter of Ball fireman victories, but, tbh.. Carrera seems like the better pick. It's more recognized as a quality watch, it looks sharper and 'smarter', and (imo) it does have a much nicer consistency between the case style and indice/dial style. The Ball is a little bit.. sloppy.

    Granted, a gray dial BFV would be much nicer than a white-dial BFV.
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