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    I have been embroiled over the past few weeks in the whole Dreadnought phenomenon. I've watched 2 now slip through my fingers on the sales forums, but funnily enough, I now find myself less and less bothered by the whole thing.

    The reason for this, my Ocean 7 LM-1. It was this watches fault I started the whole Dreadnought thing in the first place. Someone, somewhere, at some time, claimed it was just another Dreadnought wannabe clone, so off I went, keys flying to see if there was any truth in this outrageous accusation.

    After a bit of digging, I found all the relevant information, read the history, the pedigree of the design, the limited availability and the resulting meteoric increase in value. And I was hooked!

    3 nights of sleeplessness later (Damn the UK for being on the wrong side of the planet while all you Americans are happy and awake with your decent coffee and donuts!) I finally passed out at my keyboard, the Nescafe having finally overloaded my system and shut it down. Next thing I wake up to fiond I have missed the Dreadnought deal of the century! B%$&^@s!!!!!!!

    I suppose, having been then forced to go to bed and catch up with the world I then had time to lament on my new LM-1, now that the fever had passed. And it finally hit me, why was I chasing this Holy Grail so fervishly? I bought the LM-1 because I liked it. The size, the clean dial, the design, and admittedly the exclusivity and the price. Taking another look at the Dreadnought, I started to come to my senses a bit. Still wanted one, mind you, but maybe not enough to stay up all night.

    Thought about it a bit more, and a bit more, and came to this conclusion. The Dreadnought is the E type Jag. Instilled with Classic Britishness, a design icon for the world to see. Impeccable pedigree, beautiful to behold, to be owned by the lucky few and admired by the rest of us poor sods who cannot afford one.

    However, in the other corner, the LM-1 is the Mazda MX-5. Cheaper than the original, berated by the E-type owners for being a wanabee, but still a hell of a lot of fun nonetheless! For a fraction of the price the price you get a great deal, with a little beauty of its own, Its pedigree will follow. Mark my words

    So when the next Dreadnought appeared a day or two later, albeit a lot more expensive, the head ruled the heart for once and I let it pass. The money was there in the paypal account ready to go, but it can wait for another day.

    I bet you a tenner in a few years time, the LM-1 owners will be running around, berating some 'LM-1 wanabee' and proclaiming their exclusive design concept and shouting about how much their watches have increased in value.

    And do you know what..................I'll be right up there at the front of the queue with a big fat smug grin on my face!

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    Re: Dread...................not!

    Without commenting on any of the mentioned watches other than saying that I love them both, I have to say that this is a great first post!! A thoroughly enjoyable read.


    Welcome to watchuseek.


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    Re: Dread...................not!

    Welcome aboard. We wish you a pleasant stay here on WUS. Come in often. There are no emergency exits, you are already infected if I am right, am I ?

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    Re: Dread...................not!

    Great story ,

    I wish I had discovered that sensible button on my own person a bit earlier, could have saved me some money.........LOL .
    Enjoy the Ocean7.


    Got a new watch, divers watch it is, had to drown the bastard to get it!

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    Re: Dread...................not!

    Another MX-5 owner, welcoming you to the forum.

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