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Hi all!

the first saturday after BaselWorld, April 4th a small group of dutch WIS will be having dinner. This dinner will be held in a nice, down-to-earth- restaurant right in the centre of our beautiful country: Amersfoort. A few well known dutch fora will be represented by their top-posters, but it will mainly be a nice informal dinner to make friends, discuss watches and all the other things that make life wonderful.

If you're interested in coming, please contact me at dalevito @ gmail . com. Details regarding location and time will be available per e-mail for security & privacy purposes. I myself am a fairly well-known member of the dutch watch-community and have lot's of references if you need any.

If you've got a kid that you can't get rid of that evening: my girlfriend is willing to babysit them if neccesary. She lives a few hundred meters from the restaurant and trust me, she's a sweet girl.

Thanks guys and hopefully see you soon!

Best regards,

Dale Vito
Amersfoort, NL