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    DYI Brush Finish

    Has anyone had success brushing a polished bracelet? Thinking of giving it a try.

    Share some pics of your handy work if you have them.

    Or any good 3rd parties that do this without taking 6 months?

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    I did it on my son's cheap Casio's bracelet. It was badly scratched, so I decided to try. Not having a proper Scotch pad, I tried with kitchen dishwashing sponge scrub (green side). It came out very good. Not very fine brushing, but still OK. With proper finer Scotch pad it would be as factory brushed. Unfortunately, I have deleted those pics, sorry.

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    Quote Originally Posted by watchbuff10 View Post
    Has anyone had success brushing a polished bracelet? Thinking of giving it a try.

    Share some pics of your handy work if you have them.
    Not on a watch bracelet, but this plain stainless steel bracelet was polished before I took to it with a green scotch brite pad.. On this smooth surface it was super easy. I don't know how well it would have worked out on a watch bracelet with multiple links and curves.

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    Redid the whole case after first reshaping it with a grinding wheel. Used green Scotch-Brite pads and then with a Bergeon fiberglass scratch pen to get a finer finish.


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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    I used a gray scotch brite on my Omega Seamaster.

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    I was going to be dead set against this, but after looking at the job done by Perseus I think it is certainly doable.
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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    This is a very doable project. If you are in doubt buy some cheap polished stainless steel eating utensils at your local thrift store to practice on. You will get the feel for it pretty quick.
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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    I gave this a shot with a pretty inexpensive ss Seiko. I used a steel scotch brite pad and could not get it to do anything to the watch. My assumption here is that the quality of the watch steel was better (harder) than that of the scotch brite pad. I would be curious if anyone else has had a similar experience.

    What watch are considering attempting this on? Can you tell us what type of metal the bracelet is made out of and whether it has any coatings?

    If you post in the watchmaking forum, you may get a lead or two on someone who can help you with this.

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    You can do this fairly easily using Scotchbrite or 3M pads. Get some practice in first because it’s important that you have total control when brushing.

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    Re: DYI Brush Finish

    I did this on a Zodiac bracelet and put some info in this thread - https://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/bra...r-4826985.html

    If you're too lazy to click, I used 15 and 30 micro paper (from Amazon) folded on top of a microfiber to brush PCLs.

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