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    Question Engraving a display back

    I bought a Parnis with a display back for a friend and I would like to have a few word engraved. Is this possible, and if so what type of place can do it? If you've tried this, how did it turn out? :thanks

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    Re: Engraving a display back

    Depending on the nature of the display back I think it is possible. But I would be very careful though since I have read stories about display backs shattering even in normal wear scenarios
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    Re: Engraving a display back

    That's a pretty cool idea. I'm wondering if you can have something laser etched into the glass. I doubt burning in a superficial imprint would affect the overall integrity much.

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    Re: Engraving a display back

    I personally wouldn't try it. I think whoever did it would be "experimenting," and you wouldn't want someone experimenting on a watch you plan to give as a gift.

    One thing about personalized watches--they end up on eBay with amazing regularity. You'd think the recipient would keep them, or their descendants. You'd think they would be special to someone . . . but they're out there for sale.

    Is there something that makes people ashamed to wear a personalized watch? I don't know. I don't think it's done too much any more. I haven't had it done to any of my personal watches; the casebacks just don't accommodate engraving in most cases because of their intricate designs. I really wouldn't want anything more than my initials, anyway.

    But here's a thought for you . . . perhaps you could have the person's initials engraved on the rotor . . . which he could see swinging back and forth through the see-through case back!

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