Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

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Thread: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

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    Confused Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    This is my first post, and I already know these type of posts come often and are probably frowned upon in this community but hey, gotta start somewhere...I am getting into the watch scene so will most likely be an avid poster here :)

    I'm 23 years old, work in real estate. I bought my first watch on St. Thomas Island It was a Movado Museum, ladies I did not know at the time, however I have very small wrists and it looked good, and is pretty much unisex. I got it for $250 and have worn it for the last 2 years. I have got a TON of compliments on it.

    Now that i'm a bit older and have somewhat got my career started, I have made a few bucks for myself and wish to upgrade. My first thought was to get a better Movado, but after doing a lot of research the last week this thought may just go to the side as I'm reading/seeing a lot about Tag, Omega, Longines etc....I really wanted a Tudor but they are just out of my price range currently (in a year maybe)

    My budget is $1,000-$1,500 unless something really good. I want a bracelet, and I want the watch to be around 39-40mm, needs to be small as I have small wrists.

    After hours of research and youtube reviews I have come down to 3 watches.

    So please, enlighten a young and ready enthusiast. See below:

    Thanks again.

    LonginesHydroConquest Automatic Men's Watch

    Watchmaxx $895
    Name:  l36414966.jpg
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Size:  17.3 KB

    OmegaSeamaster Aqua Terra Quartz 38.5mm Men's Watch
    Watchmaxx $1,795

    Name:  23110396006001.jpg
Views: 1012
Size:  14.8 KB

    Tag HeuerFormula 1 Automatic GMT Men's Watch

    Watchmaxx $1,230
    Name:  waz211aba0875.jpg
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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    Of these I would say Omega


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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    I own the F1 and really enjoy it. With that said, since I already have the TAG, I would go for the Omega, then the Longines. You'll probably get some flak about TAG being a fashion-brand. Personally, I can care less. TAG managed to survive for a long time doing what they do.

    Good hunting and welcome to WUS!
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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    The Aqua Terra is very nice and would suit mostly all occasions. I see the BLNR when I see that Tag and mentally that would distract me. The Longines would be my last choice. Have you looked into a Speedmaster Reduced which would fit your wrist nicely and can be had for a nice price? Also, the Oris Aquis 40 mm will be a nice watch in your range that might fit the bill.

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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    You can't go wrong with any of those choices. Also take a look at many great options from Certina, Steinhart, and maybe a Sinn 556 or 104. Good luck, and take your time with the decision. Sinn is a great "under the radar" kind of watch that the general public doesn't know much about, but watch enthusiasts really like.
    Sinn 556, 38.5 mm, $1260:
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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    Check out some other Longine models, like the heritage line.

    Omega and Longines are same ownership (Swatch Brands) and share same movements (Except Omega Co-axial which is Excellent).

    Unfortunately, other than a beater, I will only buy automatics. So I would rule out your Omega selection on that alone, I wouldn't spend money on a quartz luxury watch. However I would buy a nice used Omega auto for same money instead. Many here will disagree though on the quartz issue.

    I have had both Longines and Omegas in that grouping. I liked my Hydronaught, it was cool. But I am an Omega Man first and foremost.

    Good luck!
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    I'm liking the Tag out of them three.

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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    I would recommend Omega.
    I would also like to add Nomos since they make incredible watches.
    From most of their watches you get nice Bauhaus designs and in-house movements.
    Most of their watches can be had for $3000-$5000.
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    (Nomos Club Datum from Google)
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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    Omega. The most versatile of your choices, and most likely to age best over the years.
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    Re: Entry Level - Help me make my decision.

    Of those 3 I would go with the Omega but if I may suggest having a look at the Christopher Ward Trident Pro 38mm.Truly a beautiful watch & one you're not likely to see in the wild(unlike the Omega).
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