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    Epos Emotion 3391

    Hi guys!

    Has anybody experienced this watch? Build quality, accuracy? It has an ETA 2892-A2 9000 DD decorated mechanism. I really like the calendar feature, does it come handy, has anybody tried it on this watch or other similar watches?

    Is this seller reliable? MOD. EP 111 - EMOTION WATCH AND CHRONOGRAPH SERIES - EPOS- SKW Shop

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    Re: Epos Emotion 3391

    Hey Solaris! I don't own an Epos, and I cannot speak for that seller, but if this has the 2892-A2 movement you're off to a great start. That movement is one of ETA's best, and is the base for some of the nicest watches you'll see all the way up to $5000+. That movement was the base for the Omega Seamaster, it's used by IWC, Breitling, and others. I can't speak to the watch itself, but the engine inside is time-tested and has been the base for many COSC chronometers.
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    Re: Epos Emotion 3391

    Epos is a nice, honest watch and I agree that the 2892 is a good movement. A lot of Epos models seem to be available at hefty discounts lately and I'm not really sure why.

    I have ordered successfully from SKW several years ago,(late 90's) but be very careful. I have read some not so complimentary things recently. It's all second hand info and I have no specifics for you but I do recommend that you thoroughly research SKW and know that they are gray market which is not always a bad thing but make sure you know what it means before you order.

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