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    Ernest Borel

    Hello. I am new to fine watches. Would like to purchase husband first nice watch for our 25th wedding anniversary. Feel drawn to the Ernest Borel due to the romantic icon on face for the occasion. I would appreciate your thoughts if you think this is a wise choice for the investment. Thank you.

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    Re: Ernest Borel

    Sorry to ask. What model are you talking about ?


    Yally Automatic Series
    Royal Collection
    Harmonic Collection
    Jules Borel Collection
    Borel Chrono Collection
    Romance Series II
    Romance Series III
    Romance Chonometer Series
    Duke Collection
    Artist collection
    Majestic Collection
    Regulateur Series
    Aegean sea Collection
    Athletic Collection
    Marine Adventure Series
    Braque Collection
    Euroya Series
    Rocky Series I
    Gary Automatic Series
    Danaus Automatic Series
    Barrel Series
    Noble Series


    Harmonic Collection
    Romance Series I
    Rocky Series II
    Venus Collection
    TechnoSports Collection
    Gary Quartz Series
    Danaus Quartz Series
    Joss Quartz Series
    Cosmic Series
    Yally Series
    Yally Series II
    True Love Collection

    Please give us a hint.
    Kind regards

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    No watch is an "investment". Edit: with the exception of a rarefied few.

    EB are a brand at the affordable end of the market and their watches are fine enough comparable to the likes of Hamilton, Tissot, Christopher Ward, etc in price and quality. Movements in their autos are mostly ETA.

    It is interesting that you like their romantic logo as many people find it old fashioned and off putting, but for a wedding anniversary I can see the attraction. I personally rather like it and it can be unobtrusive depending on how well designed the dial is.

    In the end it comes down to 'buy what you like' but as with most brands don't expect it to be an investment. EB is an unappreciated brand therefore residuals on the secondary market are low but an irrelevant issue if you are buying for your anniversary so presumably for keeps and sentimental value.

    And congratulations on your anniversary! :)
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