Erroneous Posting Info?

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    Erroneous Posting Info?

    Am I missing something with this site? Take the thread 'Watch Sleep'. According to the Public Forum screen info, the last post was by Yamahaki 8 hours ago. However, when I try to find it, it turns out that the last post on this thread was by Yamahaki but it was two weeks ago!

    I've notice this several times over the last few days, what's going on?

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    Re: Erroneous Posting Info?

    That happens in threads containing polls Frank.
    What you're seeing is someone voting in the poll rather than replying in the thread body.
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    Re: Erroneous Posting Info?

    Thank you for that, at least I understand. It's a bit of a pain as one enters a thread expecting to find new posts but of course there are none there!

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    Re: Erroneous Posting Info?

    It's not just polls. Sometimes I see responses to posts listed directly under the original post and not in chronological order. I am not sure how that works.
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    Re: Erroneous Posting Info?

    That happens when someone replies to a specific post. If you just post at the end of the thread it should show up as the very last post in the thread. But if you reply to say the 4th post in a thread that has about 20 posts, it will show up after the 4th post in the thread.
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