Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

Thread: Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

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    Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

    For example....

    you think a watch you buy will have an eta 2824 and you end up with a knockoff.

    Or better yet, you wind up with a mineral crystal instead of a sapphire, and you found out the hard way (i.e. scratching it).

    Just curious if this is ever a concern with anyone here. Not regarding fakes, but maybe just a brand made a mistake or anything like that..

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    Re: Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

    Nope, haven't yet, but as I've learned, you can scratch a sapphire with things you wouldn't think could do it (ie: brick or rock walls, rock river-bottoms, etc). As for knockoff movements, um... no, don't see how anybody could get away with that unless sold second hand.

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    Re: Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

    Two times this happened to me, that I can think of right now.

    The first I didn't remember until today when I was posting picture of my Trias carre' watch (kinda PAM homage). It didn't bother me too much when it happened, but the watch was advertised as ETA 2824 movement and the caseback is marked that way. It actually contains a 2846 basic finish movement. I'm not too bothered by it because although it is a lower grade movement, it's still reliable, and the price I paid for the watch was so low.

    The second really bothers me because it kind of prevents me from doing business with Bernard Watch, which is too bad because I bought a lot of watches from them in the past and they occasionally have something I'd like to get. I was in Austin and wanted to purchase an Epos they had. I was hoping to stop in to first see it, and then pay in person to save the $45 wire fee (because they REQUIRED wire transfer at the time). I hadn't heard too much about Epos and their website wasn't very informative, so I would have liked to have seen it. It is a tonneau cased stainless watch with an ETA 2892A2 movement with DD calendar module, sapphire crystal, leather strap. Nice enough looking. Anyhow, they wouldn't let me come in to check out the watch even though I was in Austin and it said right on their website to call to make an appointment to come in! So when I get home, the watch is waiting for me, and I check it out. I look to see if I can find any information again on the web and I find some reference to the Epos site which specs my watch as having a mineral crystal. Uh oh, I can't own a mineral crystal watch or it immediately gets scratched. So within my 3-day examination window, I called Bernard Watch up to inquire if they are sure my watch has a sapphire crystal, because I want to return it if it does not. The rep I spoke with was kind of short with me and insisted that it was sapphire despite my claims that the manufacturer's site says it does not. He basically told me to "hold the crystal to your forehead and if it's cold it is sapphire". Well, this isn't a Speedmaster where it is sapphire or hesalite, but I told him it was cold and he repeated "it's sapphire". Hmm, I mineral glass watches are cold too, but whatever, I decided to let it go.

    Fast forward a bit, and I decided to wear the watch. So I had to set the calendar. Well, I was about to be supremely disappointed with Epos. I had trouble with the pushers for the DD module, so I decided to take apart the watch and see what was up. It turns out that even though it has a nice 2892A2 movement, the movement is held in place by a plastic movement ring that's the quality of those I generally see in cheap Chinese watches, you know, the soft white flexible plastic. And that's holding the pusher extenders in place, which flexes and thus the pusher action doesn't always register with the module. OK, so after setting the calendar, I put it back together and wear it. Well, as is the case with every mineral crystal watch I've ever had, it was scratched in a day. Deep scratches. To compare, no sapphire crystal watch I have has been scratched (although I have scratched my Rado ceramic bracelets, but not the crystal). So clearly, this is not sapphire, I wasn't allowed to return the watch, and Bernard did nothing to resolve it. Therefore, they've probably lost a huge amount in sales to me, and I've probably paid a huge amount in higher prices by buying only at local jewelers and Tourneaus. And due to the tonneau case, there's no chance of a sapphire upgrade, so I will probably order a new crystal from Epos (if that's even possible) and quickly unload the watch to someone who can appreciate it more than I.

    Oh yeah, I'll probably never buy an Epos again either. Plastic movement rings on expensive watches really bug me. Since finding out TAG has been doing this too, I have to see inside any TAG before I buy it.


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    Re: Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

    i bought a chinese Marina militare off ebay, they were saying it was a real unitas 6497 in it, but when it got home it was a chinese clone. And on top of that he sent me a black strap when i wanted a brown one! i didnt leave any feedback, should have left neg.

    oh well i still love the watch. win some lose some.

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    Re: Ever bought a watch that didnt have the components listed?

    My cousin bought a fake Omega on a vacation from a street vendor at a marketplace. The guy sold all sorts of silver items, rings, necklaces and a couple of watches, and my cousin liked the look of the "Omega" and bought it cheap.

    A year later or so, back home, he spotted a watch in a window display at a dealership with a strap he thought would look brilliant on his "Omega", so he went inside and asked about the strap and whether it could be fitted to his watch. He was kinda embarrassed to show up with a fake watch at a nice jeweler, told the jeweler about it and joked that at least he would end up with a genuine strap.

    He handed the watch to the jeweler for measurements and got quite surprised when the jeweler said that he believed it to be the real deal. My cousin didn't believe it and told about the street vendor and the marketplace, to which the jeweler replied, that if it were a fake, it were the best fake he'd ever seen. My cousin left the watch overnight at the jeweler, allowing him to take a look inside and make certain, and it turned out to be a genuine Omega.

    Being an honest guy, my cousin went to the police, told the story and asked if they could check up with the police in the country he had been vacationing in, if they had a report about a stolen Omega that fitted the description and the time for his vacation.

    He was contacted some weeks later by a policeman telling him that nothing had showed up and he was congratulated on making what sounds like the deal of the century..

    So I guess he bought a watch that didn't quite turn out as expected..

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