Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?
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Thread: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

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    Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Until the other day, this hadn't happened to me for a really long time, and while I've never said anything out loud, I caught myself in a watch snob-like situation with a colleague. Granted it was one thought of that watch looks so ugly and I would never own such a watch, it made me wonder if others find themselves doing similar things.

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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    All the time....
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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Admit it - you don't like Mr Ugly Watch in the first place, do you?

    But yes I have. (But not with people I like)

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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    all the time and I don't really hide it so much, half the time it's serious half the time I'm just messing around.

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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Plus being jaded to boot.
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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    You mean like Watch Snob - AskMen ?

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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    A friend heard I was into watches and showed me all the ones he was about to put on sale, giving me first dibs on them.

    "I'm not an Invicta guy," I sniffed.

    It was kind of snobby.

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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Yes and no. Anytime I find myself expressing my views/ideas without considering as much as possible the place in which my audience find themselves, many members of which may have a vastly different view of and experience with the world in general than I, that sort of thing is almost inevitably going to happen. At the immediate moment it may not seem that way to me, but shortly thereafter, I might realize that's how I came across. I can't lie; no matter how self-circumspect one is, it's very hard to catch that sort of thing, especially when one knows in one's heart of hearts that one didn't intend it.

    If a "fly on the wall" observer heard some of the conversations my watchie friends and I have, or if that "fly" read some of our email discussions, I'm pretty sure they'd think us incredibly snobbish. If that same observer asked any one of us for recommendations, I'm quite sure they wouldn't find any uppityness in what we say. If, on the other hand, a person asks us what we think of one or more of their watches, how snobby we'd be thought would depend on several variables such as:
    • our mood that day/moment,
    • how much we mask our accent -- our accent is one that isn't much heard in 21st century America, but it was desirable in years long gone (...it's crazy that folks will think "things" due to an accent, but some sure do...),
    • how diplomatic we were in sharing our opinion,
    • the watch itself,
    • what we think/know is the inquirer's motive for asking,
    • whether we have the watch in question and if so what we think of it,
    • whether we thought about buying that watch and decided against it,
    • what alternatives there might be,
    • the age and (life and/or watch-related) experience level that we observe in the inquirer,
    • other stuff...the list of factors is potentially quite long....

    Of myself and my watchie cabal, I don't think any of is a snob about much of anything, really. We are each very self-confident, successful, opinionated and frank individuals. I think for folks like us, it's not hard to be thought of as a snob from time to time. It's something that's very easy to have happen when one is dealing with strangers or casual acquaintances who aren't part of one's "inner circle," and who may come from and live in a very different "reality" then we do.

    I personally try not to be thought of that way, but, sure, I've been aware that sometimes the things I say may seem that way to others. It happens. I don't worry too much about, and if called out on it, I'll try to make amends as best I can, or as much as I'm willing to given the circumstances.

    All the best.
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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Isn't every post we all post here us being watch snobs?
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    Re: Ever caught yourself bring a watch snob?

    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyhead123 View Post
    Isn't every post we all post here us being watch snobs?
    I think it is very snobbish of you to call the rest of us snobs....
    "In the Eighties we were so amazingly primitive we still thought digital watches were a pretty neat idea."

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