Ever feel satisfied with the collection?
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Thread: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

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    Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    Honestly I feel like I'm pretty satisfied with my collection. I wear four watches and really don't feel the need to go after anything else again. I have my beautiful vintage smooth bezel 36mm datejust that can be worn any time of any day, my iwc portuguese chrono that is on the dressy side but still capable of being worn in 99% of circumstances, my Heuer aquaracer as my beater/outdoorsy/water watch, and my dateless sub that I have on a nato strap when I'm feeling like spicing the wrist up for the day. Personally and IMHO I really don't feel the need or desire for another watch. Obviously a Journe, Patek, etc. would be awesome in theory, but I really don't feel lust or feel the need to seek any other watches to add to my collection. I just feel content, anyone else feel like this?
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I'm content with three. I think. Doesn't stop me from looking though. If watch shopping wasn't so intriguing it would be a lot easier, I'm always talking myself out of things I've talked myself into.
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    Yes.. right after I land a new piece.

    For about a week!!

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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I wish!

    Okay, sometimes I settle down (like recently), but eventually I'll feel the urge to shake it up and so I'll go on a sell/buy binge. But hopefully someday I'll give it up.

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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I'm quite satisfied now but if I get another new watch I'll be even more satisfied.
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I’m almost there, just got to move a couple, pick up the odd one, that sort of stuff.
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I'm basically done buying. Will enjoy my 12 watches, and will enjoy looking at other ones, but I'm going to try to be faithful to my watches. LOL

    OMG OMG OMG. I found out yesterday, there's a store near me that sells GS's!!! Planning to go look sometime soon. No plan to buy, just to look, I tell myself and my partner. She said I sound like I'm trying to convince myself more than I'm convincing her. Haha
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    I am pretty content right now as well. I would like to get another ALS one day...and a annual calendar VC or Patek would be nice, but neither is something I feel that I need to pull the trigger on now, matbe in a couple of years.
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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?

    Yes,my last big watch purchase was last year and I got nothing that I particularly want or lusting over at the moment

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    Re: Ever feel satisfied with the collection?


    My stash has grown since then, and the additions are worn more for fun than for certain purposes.

    I supposed I could whittle it down to two or three watches again, but I’m a special case. They’re all gifts, one way or another, so it wouldn’t feel right to me to convert them all into cash.

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