Pleased to finally unveil the Pam664, Royal Navy Clearance Diver special edition watch. This piece has been created and produced in tribute to all things military diving. Anyone who knows their panerai history will know the stories of the Italian commando frogmen and their exploits in WW2. They were the pioneers in military diving using the human torpedo which is hugely admirable, and is still a modern day weapon in military diving.

Panerai have been kind enough to recognise the proud history of the Royal Navy Mine Clearance branch and have created this 50 piece limited edition piece for serving members of the modern day branch. Engraved on the back is our branch emblem along with the words Royal Navy Clearance Diver and the watches number. Also included is a model 'Human Torpedo' the symbol of both nations military Frogmen. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do! Let me introduce you to number 1 of 50. Attached are my own photos, along with a signed certificate of authenticity, and also an extract from the watches special edition booklet. Enjoy!